In this world the heart beats slow, in my arms lets share the cold.

My kitty cat Gotham 



In honor of this follower milestone, we have decided that a giveaway is in order! And, why not with some of our favorite socks in the store?


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The winner will receive 5 pairs of our popular art socks to cozy and class up their feet! The giveaway ends Wed. October 15, 2014! If you are not confident in your luck, all of these socks are also available for purchase online at our store!

Sunflowers // Starry Night // The Scream // Mona Lisa // Birth of Venus 

Thanks again to all our sock loving followers and good luck!!!




"All for you"

PSD #12 by toxicpsds: download

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Ana’s Rusty Typewriter Font by ~justlikethistrain

The font is called Ana’s Rusty Typewriter because it was made based on the characters of an old typewriter I own (also because I wasn’t sure the name ‘rusty typewriter’ wasn’t taken).

A-Z, a-z, 0-9, accents included.

.zip file with .otf and .ttf files.

Feedback/ comments appreciated.

Sample: 1

@ DaFont


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PSD#202 made by colorizeps

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Tutorial ☞ How to use and customize my pages


For this tutorial, I will be using the code for Idyllic. (Because it’s getting so little attention compared to the rest and it doesn’t hurt to do some self advertising, keke)

Firstly, you will go to Customize > Pages > + Add a page, after which a window like this will pop up. Click on the…